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Wines may come in different varieties but they come from grapes and the kind of grapes they are made of as well as the areas where they are grown, are responsible for the variety and of name of the wine.
Generally, wine is known as either red or white. However, there are different kinds of red and white wines from all over the world and people shouldn’t limit themselves to a certain variety. There are ways of making a certain wine variety thanks to the art of mixing wines.
Mixed wines are more popularly known as cocktails. A cocktail is a drink made by mixing various beverages like fruit juices, soda, wine or cream and served iced or chilled
The art of mixing wines and other ingredients is easy but there are terms that an aspiring wine mixer or flavor creator, should be familiar with. To start with, wines are mixed with the use of a cocktail shaker. In mixing, the ice should first be placed in the shaker, followed by the liquid to avoid weakening the intensity or spirit of the liquid.
Stirring sticks are placed in cocktail glasses to maintain the clarity of the drink. There are mixes that need some shaking or stirring, depending on their base. Those who prefer Martini-based drinks should make sure they stir their drink and not shake them. Mixes that contain hard to mix ingredients like creams should always be mixed by shaking.
Cocktails where the ingredients don’t mix with each other are created by floating or by using a demitasse spoon. A simple trick is frosting a glass. This is done by immersing the glass in water and placing it in the freezer for a while.
People mix wines not only to come up with different flavors but also to lessen the percentage of alcohol in the drink by adding other ingredients. This was actually the main purpose that cocktails were invented years ago, due to the prohibitions on alcohol.
Despite the sophistication of the wine mixes being prepared by bartenders, it is easy to mix wines. All it takes are the basic red or white wines, simple ingredients like fruit and lots of creativity. However, you have to go through trial and error before you can come up with a perfect wine mix.
To come up with a simple punch, try mixing a pinch of lemon, a cup each of orange and pineapple juice, a bottle of red wine, Those who don’t want too much of the heavy stuff combine these ingredients, put them in a punch bowl and then decorate it with slices of orange or lemon. Don’t forget the ice as it will make the punch a cool treat to everyone.

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