People love the concept of scrapbooking. It’s a great way to do something special with your photos and preserve your memories. The problem is, traditional paper scrapbooking can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. There are the start-up costs of purchasing supplies and tools, and the ongoing costs of buying new albums, papers, elements and more for each new project. It is not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars on this hobby. Then, there’s the matter of time. It takes a lot of work and energy just to pull out all of your scrapbooking supplies and get organized, never mind make something creative.

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An increasingly popular alternative to traditional paper scrapbooking is digital scrapbooking software. Digital scrapbooking software can be a much more affordable option than buying traditional supplies and tools. Plus, using a digital scrapbooking software program can really streamline the process of scrapbooking by eliminating lengthy set up and clean up efforts, leaving more time for actually working on your pages.

A good example of an affordable, easy-to-use digital scrapbooking software program is the award-winning Scrapbook MAX 2.0. The program costs less than most people spend on a handful of paper scrapbooking tools, and comes with thousands of reusable digital embellishments, papers, backgrounds, and shapes that you can combine with your photos to make beautiful scrapbooking pages. This digital scrapbooking software program presents an intuitive interface that let’s you add, rotate, resize, and move all the elements on your page, like working with paper and scissors. You can also add fancy text, shadows and image effects, adjust the colors of your photos and embellishments, and more with a few fast, easy mouseclicks.

When it comes to sharing your pages, Scrapbook MAX gives you a variety of print and digital sharing options. This ability addresses one of the main concerns scrapbookers have about moving to a digital scrapbooking software program; that the results won’t be as real or as personal as traditional paper scrapbook. Scrapbook MAX proves that this does not have to be the case, and that using a digital scrapbooking software program is a great way to make a real, physical keepsake. With a few mouseclicks, you can make high-quality prints of your scrapbook pages on your home printer. You can even create attractive photo albums and hardbound photobooks.

Unlike traditional scrapbooks, you also have access to a whole host of digital sharing options when you create a scrapbook with Scrapbook MAX. You can share your pages as images through email, upload to websites such as Facebook, MySpace or your personal blog; you can even make multimedia slideshows and movies. The bottom line is that not only can you share great-looking physical scrapbooks with Scrapbook MAX, your sharing options are greatly increased by choosing a digital scrapbooking software program.

With Scrapbook MAX digital scrapbooking software, you get the creative feel and satisfying results of traditional paper scrapbooking with the benefits of a digital scrapbooking software program: affordability, ease of use, and lots of ways to share your memories with friends and family.

You can download a free fully functional 30 day trial version of Scrapbook MAX 2.0 digital scrapbooking software from their website at

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